Wednesday, January 4, 2012

James Taranto: "Bad-Faith Journalism"

The Wall Street Journal once again weighs in on PolitiFact following its "Lie of the Year" selection.

This cycle, James Taranto hits PolitiFact for its wrongheaded approach to fact checking:
We're not as troubled as Ponnuru is by the effect of PolitiFact, and the "fact checking" genre it exemplifies, on politics. We'd argue instead that it has a baneful effect on journalism.
Taranto's complaint about PolitiFact has much to do with the rationale Michael F. Cannon used to make his decision to withhold from PolitiFact the expert opinions it solicits from time to time.

Though Taranto goes a bit easy on PolitiFact for its past "Lie of the Year" failures, it's worth reading every word.

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