Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PolitiFact unpublishes "Julia" fact check (Updated)

Whoa, Nelly.

PolitiFact today took the unusual step of taking down a fact check of the Obama campaign's "Julia" Web ad.

This is about the only Web evidence left from the story after it was scrubbed from the PolitiFact website:

The link goes to one of PolitiFact's clever bad link pages for now.

PolitiFact's Facebook page had this to say:
Some readers have raised questions about our latest item on Medicare and Julia. We've unpublished it while we look at them.
Jeff and I put forth a few digs on the issue of journalistic ethics on the Facebook page.  Other than that we're pretty much holding our fire until we see where this goes.

Update May 23, 2012:  PolitiFact's Twitter feed contains a bit more information:
Would replace Medicare with "nothing but a voucher"? That's not what his plan says. False:
 This looks like a rating that some felt was too harsh on President Obama.  The explanation for unpublishing (if we even get one) may prove more entertaining than the new version of the story.

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