Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Media Trackers: "PolitiFact Florida Scorecard Reveals Pro-Crist Bias in Governor’s Race"

Media Trackers' Florida affiliate takes a healthy whack at PolitiFact Florida for its Crist-leaning coverage of the gubernatorial election.  James Taylor makes a number of solid points, including this one:
In its third ruling, PolitiFact Florida fact-checked the Republican Party of Florida’s assertion that Crist supported “cuts to the Medicare Advantage program.” PolitiFact Florida assigned a flat-out “False” ruling to this claim. It is a legislative fact that Obamacare cuts funding for the Medicare Advantage program. Since becoming a Democrat, Crist has been an ardent supporter of Obamacare. Accordingly, Crist ardently supports a bill that necessitates “cuts to the Medicare Advantage program.” PolitiFact Florida nevertheless justified its “False” ruling by claiming Crist said he personally does not like this particular provision of Obamacare.
Taylor cinches the point by emphasizing the degree to which Obamacare relies on Medicare Advantage cuts to shrink its own price tag.

It's fine for Democratic candidate Charlie Crist to oppose Medicare Advantage cuts.  But they're an integral part of Obamacare, so opposing them is tantamount to opposing at least a part of Obamacare.  And if Crist doesn't oppose the cuts enough to oppose Obamacare over them then he effectively supports the cuts.

It's almost like PolitiFact is playing the "No True Scotsman" game.

True Obamacare doesn't cut Medicare Advantage.  Or something.

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