Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nothing To See Here: Krugman plays lawyer

With a hat tip to Power Line blog and John Hinderaker, we present our latest "Nothing To See Here" moment where we highlight a fact check that PolitiFact may or may not notice.

Nobel Prize-winning economist and partisan hack Paul Krugman krugsplains the latest legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act and tells his readers why the challenge is ridiculous:
(N)ot only is it clear from everything else in the act that there was no intention to set such limits, you can ask the people who drafted the law what they intended, and it wasn’t what the plaintiffs claim.
We're not offering any hints why Krugman's claim interests conservatives.

Krugman's talking about the Halbig case, where a D.C. Circuit panel ruled the language of the ACA specifies that state-established exchanges could receive federal subsidies but made no such provision for exchanges set up by the federal government. The en banc D.C. court, not-at-all-packed-with-three-unfilibusterable-Obama-appointed-liberal-judges, later reversed the panel's ruling.

Nothing to see here?

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