Friday, January 30, 2015


Think we're exaggerating when we say PolitiFact's report cards encourage ill-founded conclusions? Read on, little camper:
Liberals and media critics have complained that Fox News has a habit of stretching the truth in its news and commentaries. Now they have some numbers to prove it.
The bloggers at AllGov, of course, have been misled by the liberal bloggers at PolitiFact. And from what we can tell, so long as publishing these worthless "report card" puff pieces proves popular, PolitiFact will persist in publishing them. Pfeh.

For those who don't see through the deception, PolitiFact doesn't bother to randomize its story selection. There's no good reason to think the 125 stories are representative of what companies like Fox and CNN are televising.

Sometimes PolitiFact offers weak disclaimers along the lines of "use caution in drawing conclusions," but often there's no such disclaimer. Posts like the one from AllGov inevitably result.

PolitiFact misleads people. This stuff amounts to political advertising.

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