Tuesday, April 21, 2015

No 2015 Pulitzer for PolitiFact

Though PolitiFact uses its 2009 Pulitzer Prize to burnish its credibility, we've argued that PolitiFact won in 2009 thanks to technical innovation. With that innovation now old news, our view of PolitiFact's win anticipated that PolitiFact would be unlikely to keep winning Pulitzer Prizes.

With the 2015 winners announced, PolitiFact was shut out for the sixth straight year. Nor did PolitiFact make the list of finalists in any category.

No matter! PolitiFact will run "Winner of the Pulitzer Prize" forever at the top of its website.

We'll celebrate PolitiFact's failure with a rerun of the "Hitler finds out" video we put together for last year's Pulitzer Prize announcements.

We predict a similar outcome in 2016.

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