Friday, December 22, 2017

Beware, lest Trump & PolitiFact turn your liberal talking point into a falsehood!

PolitiFact gave President Donald Trump a "False" rating for claiming the GOP tax bill had effectively repealed the Affordable Care Act.

We figured there was a good chance that defenders of the ACA had made the same claim.

Sure enough, we found an example from the prestigious left-leaning magazine The Atlantic. The Google preview tells the story, as does the story's URL, though the story's title tames things a little: "The GOP's High-Risk Move to Whack Obamacare in Its Tax Bill."

The key "repeal" line came from an expert The Atlantic cited in its story (bold emphasis added):
Make no mistake, repealing the individual mandate is tantamount to repealing the Affordable Care Act,” said Brad Woodhouse, campaign director for Protect Our Care, an advocacy group supportive of the ACA.
Would Woodhouse receive a "False" rating from PolitiFact if it rated his statement?

Would The Atlantic receive a "False" rating from PolitiFact?

Would PolitiFact even notice the claim if it wasn't coming from a Republican?

Afters (other liars who escaped PolitiFact's notice)

"GOP tax bill is just another way to repeal health care." (Andy Slavitt, USA Today)

"Republican tax bill to include Obamacare repeal" (Christian Science Monitor)

"Republicans undermine their own tax reform bill to repeal Obamacare" (Salon)

"Another Obamacare repeal effort doesn't actually have to be in the tax cuts bill, says the guy heading up popular vote loser Donald Trump's Office of Management and Budget." (Daily Kos)

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