Sunday, December 19, 2021

BizPacReview: PolitiFact's 2021 LOTY 'just a liberal talking point all dressed up for prom'

Sierra Marlee, in an article published at BizPacReview, fairly summed up PolitiFact's ho-hum "Lie of the Year" for 2021.

PolitiFact, a fact-checking site that purports to be an unbiased source of information, has chosen its 2021 “Lie of the Year” and it’s a doozy.

The organization picked the one topic that could be found on every Democratic talking points sheet from January until December: The Capitol Hill riot. Specifically, they decided to select all of the claims and statements “downplaying the realities and significance of the Capitol insurrection.”

That opening description ended up under the title "PolitiFact’s lie of the year is just a liberal talking point all dressed up for prom."

That sounds about right. 

Marlee lets tweets from PolitiFact and its critics tell most of the story. Apparently that's a new journalistic genre.

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