Sunday, January 23, 2011

Texas Public Policy Foundation: "Putting Politifact’s “truth-o-meter” to the test"

David Guenthner of the Texas Public Policy Foundation seems to have the goods on yet another example of specious reasoning from PolitiFact:
On Monday, Talmadge Heflin issued a statement in response to the Comptroller’s biennial revenue estimate. Later in the day, Heflin wrote a “Speaking Freely” post on “the myth of the $27 billion shortfall,” which contained a thorough refutation of the dollar figure cited in some media accounts.

This morning, a project called Politifact – which in Texas operates under the umbrella of the Austin American-Statesman – applied its “truth-o-meter” to the closing statement of Heflin’s blog post, in which he concluded that claims of a $27 billion budget shortfall “are flat-out false.”

Somehow, Politifact concluded that Heflin’s statement was “false”. For real?
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Compare Guenthner's analysis with the take from PolitiFact and it seems the former has much the better argument.

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