Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Red State: "'What liberal media?' (Texas edition.)"

Writing at Red State, the Texas Public Policy Foundation's vice president of communications Joshua Treviño provides a perfect take-down of PolitiFact's perfidious fact checking, this time touching the issue of job creation.

PolitiFact graded an ad touting Texas' job creation numbers "Half True" because the ad used the standard metric of net jobs created to laud Texas' performance with job creation rather than also taking into account gross job creation.

Or, as Treviño phrased it:
So what’s the bottom line on PolitiFact’s assessment that TPPF has promulgated a “half truth”? On the negative side, PolitiFact engaged in tendentious interpretive exercises in an effort to promulgate a jobs-creation metric that absolutely no one uses — and then penalized us for not using it. On the positive side, PolitiFact did acknowledge that TPPF’s Rollins is objectively correct by every reasonable standard, and they spelled our name right.
Treat yourself by reading the whole of Treviño's post.

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