Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hoystory: "Covering for Obama"

Matthew Hoy of Hoystory has an excellent piece up regarding the same PolitiFact rating we mentioned here yesterday.

Hoy's take:
Like magic, Politifraud sets aside all of the additional taxes that would make Obama’s lie even more obvious and will only concern itself with the one that can bump the lower-income tax rate closer to the upper-income one.
Because it’s hard.
And they’re lazy.
And dishonest.
 As with all of Hoystory's PolitiFact posts, well said.

Visit Hoystory for the entire article. And see our previous reviews of Hoy here.

And congrats to Bryan for getting a shout out for his piece.

Bryan adds:

CBO reports practically fall into one's lap with a Google search for "effective tax rates."  If that's too hard for the folks at PolitiFact then they're in the wrong line of work.

Also thanks to Mr. Hoy for the kind mention.

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