Monday, October 17, 2011

Michael F. Cannon repeats/clarifies: "PolitiFact Just Asked Me to Be a Source, Again. I Declined, Again."

Michael F. Cannon of the CATO Institute, in the past used by PolitiFact as an expert source, started boycotting PolitiFact based on its weighing in on opinion.

Cannon gave us an update on July 8 indicating that PolitiFact had called on him for expertise and he had declined to provide it.

On Oct. 12 Cannon posted a similar message clarifying his statement that he "declined to help" PolitiFact:
The whole purpose of my PolitiFact boycott is to help them.
We try to emphasize the same attitude at PolitiFact Bias.  A PolitiFact aware of and able to check its tendency toward ideological bias can properly serve a useful and essential role in our constitutional republic.

But PolitiFact's failure to address errors such as its flip-flop on the percentage of the payroll tax paid by employees and its blind support of Alan Grayson's ridiculous argument serve to discourage those of us hoping to see PolitiFact rise to a higher standard of fact checking.

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