Friday, December 16, 2011

New feature: The (annotated) Principles of PolitiFact and the Truth-O-Meter

Jeff and I continually run across cases where PolitiFact applies its standards unevenly, contradicts them or simply ignores them.  But simply mentioning it on a case by case basis doesn't quite carry the impact to the reader as we might hope.  After all, most readers don't happen to look at every case we mention.

To help communicate the degree to which PolitiFact fails to keep to its principles (and, to be sure, to give us an added opportunity to express our snarky sides), we added a new page:  The (annotated) Principles of PolitiFact.  The page takes the text of PolitiFact's "Principles of PolitiFact and the Truth-O-Meter" and adds our commentary regarding the application--or lack thereof--of those principles.

We'll be adding scads of links to provide examples of the failures we point out.

The page will always be a work in progress, reflecting our growing body of work examining PolitiFact.

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