Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The partisan view of bipartisanship

PolitiFact offers us implicit instruction in the partisan view of bipartisanship:

Image from PolitiFact.com

PolitiFact says "bipartisan" doesn't mean just one or two votes from one partisan group.  What does the dictionary say?
representing, characterized by, or including members from two parties or factions: Government leaders hope to achieve a bipartisan foreign policy.
Cruz is correct using the loosest definition of "bipartisan."  Why would PolitiFact fail to recognize that in its rating?  The rating arbitrarily discounts a clear element of truth in Cruz's statement.

In contrast, when President Obama claims Democrats and Republicans voted to keep the government open, PolitiFact finds that no Republicans supported the final bill that would have prevented a partial government shutdown.

Is Cruz objectively misleading his audience more than Obama misleads his?  Look in vain for the evidence in the fact checks of Cruz and Obama.

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