Friday, September 27, 2013

Right Wisconsin: "Kooyenga Rips PolitiFact Rating" (Updated)

State representative and C.P.A Dale Kooyenga responds via Right Wisconsin to PolitiFact's "Mostly False" rating of his statement that the legislature has used GAAP accounting principles for the past two years.

We're not professional accountants, but it looks like Kooyenga has a good case that PolitiFact Wisconsin's Dave Umhoefer gave his statement an unreasonable interpretation.
I have spoken to dozens of CPAs about your rating - they all agree your rating is simply wrong.  I would be happy to arrange a meeting with several CPAs from academia and the private sector to resolve the misinformation you printed in today's paper.  Ironically, your rating is simply wrong and I hope you are willing to revisit this matter. 
Read the whole thing, and then go get yourself some popcorn.

Update 9/27/2013

The MacIver Institute's MacIver News Service updates the story with a news video:

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