Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nothing To See Here: Harry Reid and the five white justices

We have a great "Nothing To See Here" item from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Reid blamed the Supreme Court's majority decision on the Hobby Lobby case on five white men.

Here's the Mediaite version:
Yesterday, Senator Harry Reid spoke out against the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling and ruled against the “five white men” on the Supreme Court who ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby last week.
There's video available at Mediaite.

PolitiFact, of course, needs to consider whether it is fact or opinion that Justices Roberts, Kennedy, Scalia, Alito and Thomas are white.  If it's just Reid's opinion then there's no fact to check.

Some might argue, of course, that Clarence Thomas is objectively black.  And Scalia and Alito are objectively Hispanic.  But at least it's apparent that all are men.  As a result, we can predict that if PolitiFact grades this claim Reid will receive a "Half True" rating or better.  "Mostly True" isn't out of the question, either, since Reid nailed it on the number of men forming the majority opinion:  five. 

Perhaps we shouldn't even rule out a "True" rating.


  1. Just found this site, good reading....Have Dingy Harry or politi-pinion ever been right???

  2. Hi, Dan. Thanks for visiting, glad you find the reading good here.

    Yes, both Harry Reid and PolitiFact have doubtless been right about stuff. But don't ask us to pinpoint any specifics.


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