Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Justin Katz: "PolitiFact RI Bends Reality to Protect the Bureaucracy"

Justin Katz has a solid history of criticizing PolitiFact, particularly the Providence Journal's PolitiFact Rhode Island.

We belatedly recognize a criticism Katz wrote back in August 2015 posted at the Ocean State Current:
A Rhode Island conservative can only be grateful, I suppose, that PolitiFact RI — the long-standing shame of the Providence Journal — managed to get the word “true” somewhere in its rating of the following statement from the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity:
Rhode Island will become just the second state to mandate the vaccine … and the only state to do so by regulatory fiat, without public debate, and without consideration from the elected representatives of the people.

Katz catches PolitiFact Rhode Island (the Providence Journal) rating a statement "Half True" for referring to a vaccine "mandate" just as the Providence Journal had done.

Who needs consistency when you're a fact checker?

Visit the Ocean State Current to read the whole of Katz's brief-but-thorough discrediting of PolitiFact Rhode Island's fact check.

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