Thursday, January 17, 2019

PolitiFact's Heart Transplant

In the past we have mocked PolitiFact's founding editor Bill Adair for saying the "Truth-O-Meter" is the "heart of PolitiFact."

We have great news. PolitiFact has given itself a heart transplant.

PolitiFact's more recent (since May of 2018) self-descriptions now say that fact-checking is the heart of PolitiFact:

That's a positive move we applaud, while continuing to disparage the quality of PolitiFact's fact checks.

It was always silly to call a subjective sliding-scale Gimmick-O-Meter the heart of PolitiFact (even if it was or remains true).

The new approach at least represents improved branding.

Now if PolitiFact could significantly upgrade the quality of its work ...

Post-publication update: Added hotlinks to the first paragraph leading to past commentary on PolitiFact's heart.

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