Wednesday, December 9, 2020

PFB predicts PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year" for 2020

Around this time of year PolitiFact typically publishes a story announcing candidates for its pick for the 2020 "Lie of the Year." That's always been an exercise in editorializing, and we've had fun trying to predict the winner.

Last year we didn't do so well!

This time we're not even going to let PolitiFact distract us with its list of candidates. Pretty often none of the candidates end up winning anyway.

I (Bryan) predict PolitiFact will choose "Falsehoods about voter fraud" or the like as its "Lie of the Year." Why? Because PolitiFact has bent over backward to try to whack every election fraud mole on the noggin. And while PolitiFact also focused on coronavirus whack-a-mole (I'd make that the second most likely outcome), the election fraud claims give it a chance to issue a clear parting shot at President Trump. They may even make the "Lie of the Year" specific to Trump or his campaign surrogates. But this year I suspect PolitiFact will want to go with the big tent and cover all sorts of voter fraud claims under its "Lie of the Year."


Jeff adds:

That's a solid pick.

Though I'd argue they hang that around Trump's neck (eg "Trump Campaign's false claims of election fraud")

Bonus points for mentioning how it was an attack on Democracy to question the integrity of our elections.

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