Sunday, May 29, 2016

What??? No 2016 Pulitzer for PolitiFact?

We're a bit overdue bragging about our prediction last year that PolitiFact would continue its years-long streak of failing to win a Pulitzer Prize.

PolitiFact won a Pulitzer in 2009 for 13 stories relating to the 2008 election. We've been telling anybody who will listen that the win came in large part thanks to technological aspects of PolitiFact. PolitiFact was an online information source that put its stories in a searchable database. That somehow counted as an important advance in journalism at the time.

Since 2009, PolitiFact is 0-7 for Pulitzers. But not to worry. PolitiFact continues to use its Pulitzer Prize win in 2009 to communicate to readers that it is a reliable source of information. PolitiFact reminds readers it is "Winner of the Pulitzer Prize." Check it out via this fresh screen capture:

Subtle, right?

It was pretty much the same story in 2015:

And in 2014:

And in 2013:

And in 2012:

And in 2011 (I wonder why they no longer identify "2009" as the year PolitiFact won?):

And in 2010:

The truth is, if winning a Pulitzer Prize means anything at all about a media source's reliability, it's right next to nothing. We believe we were the first to point out the irony that The Wall Street Journal's Joseph Rago won a Pulitzer Prize in  2011 for a series of editorials that included a pointed criticism of PolitiFact.

In 2014 we created a video of Hitler finding out PolitiFact failed to win a Pulitzer Prize.

We still think it's funny.

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