Sunday, June 19, 2016

Allsides: " is a bit left"

We preface this post with the disclaimer that the editors of PolitiFact Bias tend not to trust crowdsourced methods of epistemology.

Back in 2012, we noted the emergence of AllSides, a new project intended to help sift through and identify media bias so news consumers could take it into account.

AllSides now has a preliminary assessment of PolitiFact posted to its site. The evaluation could change as more information comes in. But for now, AllSides says PolitiFact leans slightly left:
In comparison with other fact checking sites, it appears that is a bit left of (bias rating "Center") and the Washington Post's Blog "The Fact Checker" (bias either "Center" or "Lean Left" - borderline).
Expect PolitiFact to pretend this evaluation does not exist, and expect journalists to refrain from asking PolitiFact's representatives about it.

'Cause that would be rude, right?

Visit AllSides to learn more about how it develops its bias ratings.

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