Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hot Air: "Even lefty PolitiFact calls Hillary a liar over email scam"

Great minds think alike?

Hot Air's Larry O'Connor served up a healthy dollop of scathing PolitiFact criticism earlier today, treading much of the same territory the PolitiFact Bias twitter account (Jeff's baby) has covered recently: PolitiFact is behind the curve on detecting Hillary Clinton's email falsehoods.

O'Connor's best punches shadow those our own Twitter pugilist, Jeff:
Why is PolitiFact “fact-checking” Clinton’s “It was allowed” statement from 5 days ago? It makes it sound like she just made this remark and PolitiFact is “Johnny on the spot” with the truth.

Oh please.
Jeff's been pummelling PolitiFact over its foot-dragging for weeks. Months, even.
(O)nly now does PolitiFact decide to sneak a “fact-check” out to attempt to maintain a tad bit of credibility.

Don’t fall for it.

Visit Hot Air and read the whole thing. And/or follow @PolitiFactBias on Twitter.

Edits 6/1/2016 1306 PST: Fixed link in first paragraph. Added links to tweets in 5th graph. -Jeff

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