Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jon Feere: "Does Hillary support a border wall? Someone should ask"

Jon Feere of the Center for Immigration Studies was recently cited as an expert by PolitiFact Wisconsin.

Like a number of experts in the past, Feere came away unimpressed with the way PolitiFact made use of his expertise. Feere wrote an article questioning PolitiFact's finding that it is "Half True" Hillary Clinton once favored building a wall on the Mexican border.

We love articles like Feere's that reveal the correspondence between PolitiFact and the experts it cites in its stories. People like Feere give us the type of transparency PolitiFact should provide in the first place.

We recommend reading the whole thing for the detailed analysis Feere offers of PolitiFact's approach to the subject.

Here's a two-paragraph teaser:
Had Trump said, "By the way, Hillary's 700 miles is 300 miles shorter than the 1,000 miles I'm supporting" PolitiFact would have had to give the statement a "True" rating which means it probably would never have been picked up by PolitiFact in the first place.

Bottom line: It's totally true that Clinton once supported a double-wall border fence that never got constructed, and it's totally true that Trump's proposed wall is 300 miles longer.
Also check the tag "Biased interviews of experts" for another example of an expert with this type of PolitiFact experience. More if we get around to tagging them.

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