Sunday, October 15, 2017

PolitiFact: LeBron James is Colin Kaepernick

Yes, we confess to using a strange title for this post.

Yet as far as we can tell, that is what PolitiFact is saying with a Facebook post from earlier today:

A fact check on Colin Kaeperick's shirt? We followed the link. We did find a rating of Kaepernick's misattribution of a quotation to Winston Churchill. But there was nothing about his shirt.

The linked page was titled "All Sports statements."

But we remembered seeing a fact check related to a sports figure that wasn't on that page.

It was a fact check of a Photoshop that changed the text on Lebron James' shirt.

So ... Lebron James is Colin Kaepernick?

We wonder how PolitiFact handles Facebook corrections transparently.

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