Friday, February 10, 2012

Don Surber: "PolitiFact fisked"

We're way overdue recognizing Don Surber's ongoing commentary regarding PolitiFact, but his "PolitiFact Fisked" is as good a start as any:
There is an old saying in the newspaper trade that if you are taking it from both sides, you must be doing something right. The reality is that you definitely are doing something wrong and in the case of PolitiFact, editor Bill Adair and company are doing plenty of things wrong.
Surber's always a great read, especially when he chooses PolitiFact as his subject.  The above is just a teaser for an excellent fisking of PolitiFact.  Read it all.

And could it be a coincidence that PolitiFact uses the fact of criticism from both sides to implicitly claim it's doing something right?

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