Friday, February 10, 2012

The Weekly Standard: "Pants on (three-alarm) Fire"

The Weekly Standard has some subscriber-only content criticizing PolitiFact Oregon.

Fortunately there's a preview:
PolitiFact Oregon—which works in partnership with the state’s most influential media outlet, the -Oregonian—has been trying and failing to play referee in the race by evaluating the candidates’ statements. First, PolitiFact gave Cornilles its “Pants on Fire” rating for an ad claiming that Bonamici, a state legislator, voted to raise taxes 60 times. Now depending on how broadly you define “tax,” the claim is defensible. But if you want to split hairs—and boy, does PolitiFact ever like to do that—then you would say not that Bonamici has raised taxes 60 times, but that she has raised taxes and fees 60 times.
Maybe PolitiFact Oregon has a Parse-O-Tron instead of a Truth-O-Meter.

There's more to preview at the link, but only subscribers get the whole story.

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