Sunday, February 19, 2012

Positives: PolitiFact adds corrections page

A bit of optional background, first.

On Feb. 7 of this year, PolitiFact announced the addition of a corrections page.

It's about time, better late than never, etcetera.

As a corrections page the new feature is pretty skimpy.  Essentially it's just a list of stories that have corrections or updates and looks like any other list of stories in the domain.  One interested in finding a list of stories that required a change in rating is out of luck, at least with the present version of the page.

Caveats aside, we applaud the modest improvement in transparency.  Now we just have to figure out why the total number of corrections on the page disagrees with the number we counted on our "(Annotated) Principles of PolitiFact" page.

Looks like their corrections page needs a few corrections.  Or at least a clarification to illuminate the fact that PolitiFact does not intend to admit corrections from more than three weeks prior to the publication of its "Principles of PolitiFact and the Truth-O-Meter" on Feb. 21, 2011.

Welcome to the wonderful world of PolitiFact fact checking.

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