Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Weekly Standard: "Fact Checking the 'Fact Checkers'"

The Weekly Standard's "The Scrapbook" section this week highlighted the work of PolitiFact, the objective and nonpartisan fact checker that we so enjoy exposing for its lack of both objectivity and nonpartisanship.

The article reviews a few of PolitiFact's recent newsworthy problems, including the conflict of interest it showed in defending the Clinton Foundation with help from a grant from another nonprofit that shares a major donor.

It's worth a read. Here's a taste, from the conclusion:
PolitiFact publishes enough fact checks that it no doubt gets some right. But whether as a result of bias, incompetence, dubious financial incentives, or perhaps all of the above, PolitiFact has taken a wrecking ball to its reputation. It should be ignored altogether, but so long as PolitiFact remains a useful vehicle for applying a veneer of credibility to politicized judgments, the rest of the media will no doubt continue to cite it as an authority and use it as a cudgel.

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