Monday, July 3, 2017

PolitiFact's top 16 myths about Obamacare skips its 2013 "Lie of the Year"

In late 2013 PolitiFact announced its 2013 "Lie of the Year," supposedly President Barack Obama's promise that Americans could keep their plan (and their doctor) under the Affordable Care Act.

We noted at the time (even before the winner was announced) PolitiFact was forced into its choice by a broad public narrative.
With a hat tip to Vicini, it's inconceivable that PolitiFact will choose a claim other than "If you like it" as the "Lie of the Year" from its list of nominees.  Having gone out of the way to nominate a claim from years past made relevant by the events of 2013, PolitiFact must choose it or lose credibility.
Today on Facebook, PolitiFact highlighted its 2013 list of the top 16 myths about Obamacare.

It's "Lie of the Year" for 2013 did not make the list. It wasn't even mentioned in the article.

One item that did make the list, however, was Marco Rubio's "Mostly False" claim that patients won't be able to keep their doctors under the ACA.

Seriously. That one made PolitiFact's list.

If anyone needed proof that PolitiFact reluctantly pinned the 2013 "Lie of the Year" on Obama, PolitiFact has provided it.

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